Letty Exquisite Dog



ur 19.04.2009

o: Bruno Des Terres de la Rairie

m: Espania Saria


Junior Champion of  Poland, 


Champion of Poland,

Champion of Romania,

Grand Champion of Romania,

Champion of Czech Republik

Junior Winner Club Great Dane PL( BOB),

Junior Winner Club Great Dane Czech Rep,

Winner Specialist Great Dane Show

GD Club Winner of Poland


I place, excellent on EuDDC 2011


II place in Junior on GD Show Ranking PL 2010

I place in GD Show Ranking in Pl 2011

(She took the first place and received the highest score

amoung all females, in all colours and in the all age groups)


III/12 place with Hunor in couple competition on GD Club of Poland


10 x BOB

15 x BOS

9 x  Cacib

4 x rCacib



Leti i jej mama- Espania Saria

na EuDDC spotkałam mamę i tatę.